Bring the cafe home

With this shoutout and new product – taking inspiration from an industry icon, true to the spirit and heritage of La Marzocco – we are thrilled to announce the release of Linea Micra: yet another step in furthering coffee knowledge, professionalism, and cup quality with all aficionados around the globe!

Our team of engineers have worked hard and passionately to design an espresso machine that would be worthy of café status and culture.

With its sleek contour and charming, simple-to-use form, Linea Micra raises the bar in the kitchen and in the everyday coffee ritual.

A scaled-down reflection of La Marzocco’s legendary Linea Classic… the younger and more compact version, the Linea Micra, embodies style, performance, Florentine craft, and world class innovation.

Join us as we present product news, brand highlights, lifestyle content and community gatherings such as the “Open House” events – respectively online across our blog, newsletter, Instagram handle, and via “Live” onsite format in beautiful showrooms and major cities from New York to London, Paris to Auckland, or Florence to Singapore just to name a few …

The La Marzocco team invites you to learn more about the latest Home machine, combining a dynamic feature set and small body that allows you to explore all things espresso.

Bring the cafe home! Linea Micra is here.

Visit our dedicated web page to learn more about the product features.