Another Host Milano, has passed. We thank you for your time with us.

During the five-day experience, we welcomed our clients, colleagues, and friends, and it became an unforgettable experience.

We’ve shared coffee moments and dove into exciting new launches like the Strada X, the Sync System, Brew by Weight, E-Learning, and more. We’ve had collaborators come to our booth and brew their coffee for the True Artisan Cafè, enjoyed winning food & drinks combos over the Modbar, got hands-on with Artisans from the Officine Fratelli Bambi, and mused over the Accademia del Caffè Espresso.

But the best part was seeing all of you! We pass on an enormous thank you!

We thank the hard work and dedication of our teams and the time our friends took to spend moments together, building lasting memories.

Til’ next time!


Host Milano 2023