On the 7th of November, Lavinia Caini, Marketing & Communications Manager of Accademia del Caffè Espresso, and Camilla Catarzi, Company Biographer, attended the Corporate Heritage Awards 2023 award ceremony at the Confindustria conference center in Rome.

La Marzocco competed in three categories: Narration through words for the LM Quarterly, Narration through locations for Accademia, and Narration through products for the handmade Officine Fratelli Bambi machines featured in the “Re-imparare” video. 

The company was awarded a special mention for the best-integrated communication strategy.

“Thanks to a carefully integrated strategy of developing its company heritage, La Marzocco succeeded in conveying its true essence to its stakeholders, originating from the continuous search for innovation and from always drawing from the tradition of craftsmanship that has guided the company’s work for nearly a century.”