Frenchefs has started the 2024 season off this Monday inside the beautiful Le Couvent des Minimes Hôtel & Spa L’Occitane in Mane, France. Frenchefs aims to bring Michelin-star cuisine to guests, curated experiences that fit each client’s needs. This tailor-made experience is a forward-thinking approach to offering excellence in dining.

The Frenchefs series of culinary events will feature Michelin-star chefs and brands of excellence in the F&B sector –these encounters will meet around France throughout 2024.

On Monday, they curated a Déjeuner des Chefs (chefs lunch) with Michelin-starred and MOF chef Louis Gachet at the helm. As these chefs’ lunch-ins will continue throughout the year, La Marzocco has partnered with Frenchefs, bringing a perfect ending to each meal.

Inside Le Couvent des Minimes Hôtel & Spa L’Occitane La Marzocco offered all attendees, including notorious French chefs and many others (such as Louis Gachet, Nadia Summutt, Thomas Pezeril, Noel Berard, Christopher Hache, Emmanuel Pilon, Virginie Basselot) a world-class coffee experience with Caffè Carlito.

All photos by Sadik Sans Voltaire

Partnered brands also included Champagne Laurent-Perrier, Caviar Sturia, Christofle, Caffe Carlito France, and Ankhor.