We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Latte art is *tough*. There’s no quick fix brew recipe to help you dial in and nail it on the first try. The only way to improve your latte art game is to practice. Over and over and over again. Repetition is key.

Being able to compare your technique from one try to another will really help you identify and diagnose what’s going on and how you can adjust next time. Having that “next time” be 30 seconds later is even better.
We already shared a way you can practice your latte art without wasting espresso, and thanks to another industry trick, we’ve put together a quick video that will help you practice—on repeat—without burning through milk.
So go ahead and make a day of it. All you’ll need is a little dish soap, water, and some old espresso. You’ll be pouring beautiful art in no time.
Good luck!

Credit: Michael Gardenia – Fusillo Lab