What is a Linea Mini doing in a photography studio? That’s a nice question and has got a rather interesting answer. Here we’ll explain why our little one found itself in one of the most intriguing studios in Milan, AV Circus. Maybe it’s just the beginning of a bright carrier in the photography industry…

Red, shiny and performing. After telling you about the bakery Le Polveri and about the thrilling experience among the peaks of Mont Blanc, here’s an example of the great versatility of our Linea Mini. Amazing both in a coffee shop or within a private business.

Beginning this year, the photography studio AV Circus, in the hype Navigli area of Milan, will have a Linea Mini for its customers to brew and enjoy espressos and cappuccinos in between shootings. An engaging experience for people attending the studio. AV circus aims at creating a work environment that feels as cozy and warm – just like home.

This is the interesting formula offered by the studio, where quality is a must in everything, starting with the chance of having a great cup of coffee. Here are some pictures of our Mini keeping an eye on the photoshoot and ready to brew for models and staff.

Circus is a production company, specialized in photography and video-making. With its various departments and labs, it offers different services, ranging from space and equipment rentals to assistance and casting direction, to set design, post-production, catering and events.

Circus also offers creative solutions for e-commerce, catalogues, books, documentaries and social media content. Professionalism and the vision for innovation are Circus’ main tools to create high-quality content.



Credit: Michael Gardenia – Fusillo Lab