Andrew Prosser is no stranger to the world of coffee, that saying the least. The Q&R Grader, SCA trainer, and Onsite Coffee roaster has made a career traveling to origin and finding the best coffee has to offer.
But his passion for nature and extreme sports is more than a hobby. Watch the video now!

Taking his knowledge back to create tailor made courses for the coffee community and roast. He has mastered his craft, and with that his passion for adventure gives him the opportunity to explore high mountain tops and ride the rural slops the world has to offer.

Andrew is avid thrill-seeking adventurer with a passion for ski freeriding, cycling, climbing and hiking. While traveling to origin countries he finds the greatest knowledge in speaking with the locals about their experience in coffee production and searching for remote locations to ski and climb.

His passion for coffee started in 2010 when he was visiting New York and wondered into a Stumptown coffee shop. After having an espresso, the impression that it left was mind-blowing. Realizing how incredible drinking a cup of coffee can be. The similarity with coffee and sport are combined through those travels, exploring the unknown in the cultures he meets. Andrew next stop is China then Colombia.


Credit: Michael Gardenia – Fusillo Lab