The so-called “twelve apostles” of Copenhagen make up the team of the restaurant Barabba, which has a modern, “Italian Contemporary” flair.

Their concept recalls the sense of roots and familiarity of homemade cuisine, which aims to embrace and welcome the Danish capital with its traditional Italian dishes.

Stepping into the restaurant, you’re immediately enveloped in the warm and convivial atmosphere. It’s a space that invites you to relax and enjoy a good coffee break.
The art of dining and sharing experiences, emotions, and flavors over authentic food reflect this restaurant’s values and vision: upholding the unique culinary heritage typical to Italy.

As Barabba’s owner, Riccardo Marcon, puts it, Barabba is a living and breathing entity that is consistently evolving. This modern “Italian Contemporary” restaurant focuses on the beauty of dining and the act of sharing experiences, emotions, and flavors over authentic food.

Join us as we prepare to uncover the unique story behind Every Ingredient Matters in Copenhagen, building up to the highly anticipated Out of the Box Copenhagen next Thursday.