Michael Gardenia, photographer and content creator, is the person behind the space where interesting and fun activities are giving coffee a center stage in Milan. His lab opens your mind to the world of food, through touch, smell, and sight. A rich table where hungry diners can take their sits and connect on trends related to the world of coffee and beyond.

In this interview done at The Milan Coffee Festival last weekend (by Allegra), Michael gave his inside take on how this city is moving towards a deeper conversation on quality in the cup and the initiatives Fusilio Lab is taking to be the subject of conversation.

The coffee scene in Milan has undoubtedly evolved in recent years, thanks in part, to the influx from abroad. There is still a long way to go, though. We are definitely behind the rest of Europe.

For me, coffee is a moment of pleasure to be enjoyed peacefully. I’m a big fan of espresso and cappuccino, but I also love experimenting with other methods of extraction. At the moment I’m trying to use the Aeropress.

Between photoshoot sessions and the other activities at Fusillo Lab, I always try to make some time to prepare a good coffee with my La Marzocco Linea Mini. I have a collection of specialty coffees from all over the world, discovered in small roasteries from my travels. Besides being very good, they are also very photogenic!

If I’m out for work, the micro-bakery Le Polveri is one of my favorite places. I find the concept really original, giving customers the opportunity to prepare their own espresso using the mono delicious origin of Peacocks Coffee.

For an evening sipping Espresso Martini, I would definitely choose Ozzy Osbourne as my drinking partner, although I have the feeling that he would opt for something stronger … maybe a good whiskey! A couple of drinks and who knows how many great stories he would tell!


Credit: Michael Gardenia – Fusillo Lab