Du Pain et Des Idèes is one of the best bakeries in the world and an absolute must to visit if you’re in Paris.
The shop has kept its original furniture and decor from 1889, taking you back in time from the moment you step inside.

The baker Christophe Vasseur wanted to make a bakery that was out of the ordinary, creating a tasting experience which immediately reminds you of positive feelings like love and friendship with your first bite.

He wanted to share something that could bring so much happiness by something so simple. With attention to detail, Christophe also takes seven hours to create one baguette, comparing to other bakers who usually take an hour and a half.

With this being said, it is obvious that the bakery is cared for with love and offers a unique and delicious experience to anyone who visits. In this amazing place you can find also a gs3… Coincidence?


Credit: Michael Gardenia – Fusillo Lab