Small but mighty, where quality counts in a dining room that is equipped with only a few tables. You can find simplicity at its best at Villa Pizzini’s restaurant on Lake Maggiore. Ivan and Sabina own the restaurant and have built a magical retreat that stems from their passion for food. Where quality is the rule.

“We found Villa Pizzini while walking to Mottarone”, Ivan says.

“Just like the many people who pass by, it was love at first sight. The beautiful building was built in 1880 and used initially as a hunting lodge by a noble family in the area. In 1950, the villa was donated by the mayor of Stresa to a parish woman named Maura to be used as a camp for children and then named after the woman’s nephew: Edoardo Pizzini Piomarta.

The idea of transforming this villa to a restaurant and hotel is through our desire to share this beautiful place with the public, offering an escape to visitors in a magical reclusive location. Therefore, we moved to Mottarone from London, beginning a project to restore the villa to its former glory.

In fact, the villa was abandoned for many years, but we sensed its potential. After completing the renovation, Villa Pizzini became what it is today: a welcoming place, with a restaurant which is small by choice, where special attention is given to each table. And with only five rooms dedicated to those who seek to enjoy the calm, tranquil and fantastic view of Lake Maggiore and its islands.” 

The seasonal and sophisticated menu is accompanied by a special coffee pairing, chosen by a small local roaster who selects and prepares blends for local customers. An elegant addition in the dining room is the GS3, providing an ideal conclusion to the meal with a perfect espresso.