Caro and Anita Gehrig are passionate La Marzocco Home Ambassadors. The 2019 Enduro World Series has begun! Taking us to beautiful New Zealand, in the North Island where you can find the native Whakarewarewa forest in Rotorua.

The first stop in the season. Watch the twins shred through valleys and mountain sides, proudly representing La Marzocco on their helmet and jersey.

The week in New Zealand was full of adventure and love for Caro and Anita. Amazing flat whites and journeys taken with friends on trails and oceanside. When they arrived to Rotoura, a white Linea Mini was waiting at their door. Thanks to the La Marzocco New Zealand team, the twins were able to invite fellow riders and friends over for a delicious start to the day, coffee made to perfection by one of them.

During the weekend, and in between race trails, a quick Latte Art Throwdown between visitors and teammates put them in great spirits. Adding to the hype and energy of the day. The Linea Mini took things to another level. Cycling and coffee, what a perfect pairing.

Stay tuned for the next race!