World of Coffee Athens is around the corner, and we are eagerly preparing and finishing up the final touches, we can’t wait to see our friends and create an unforgettable experience for all who join us there.  So what will you expect from us?

This year, our booth dives into the world of the Accademia del Caffe Espresso, giving exhibition goers a sneak peek into the multi-faceted coffee education center that houses the La Marzocco museum, archives, and so much more!

So what will you find?

In collaboration with CDR Coffee Lab, we will have a chemical analysis system on the booth. Bring your coffee and test a sample of your espresso acidity and sugar levels.

An area will also be dedicated to coffee tasting with special guests rotating daily. (check back to Accademia’s Instagram for a complete schedule coming out shortly)

As sustainability is a crucial pillar at La Marzocco and Accademia, we also welcome you to explore sustainability from a social and environmental point of view.

And if you’re curious about what the Accademia actually holds inside its four walls, well, we have an epic surprise for you.
Outside of the booth:
Friday (23/6 at 14.30 pm)

A workshop on Hot vs. Cold – a comparative analysis of controlled hot and cold water extraction with Nora Smahelova, Coffee Education Leader at Accademia) and Holger Lente, Director of Brand Development, Toddy LLC

Saturday (24/6 at 14.30 pm)

A lecture on the comprehensive metabolomic study of Coffea Arabica from six different countries: discrimination of origin and traceability with Massimo Battaglia, Coffee Research Leader at Accademia, and Cosimo Taiti, Researcher at the University of Florence
The True Artisan Cafè is back!
Rotating international roasters on your favorite machines at World of Coffee, chat with their barista, and explore new coffees each day.
On the KB90:

Thursday (22/6)

Belleville from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Cortese from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

Blue Bird from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Saint Roastery from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

Area 51 Coffee Roasters from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Maldanar from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

On the GB5:
Thursday (22/6)

Wide Awake from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Rossetti Cafe from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

Kaffee Fabrik from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Mind the Cup from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

JDE from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Allpress from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm
La Marzocco Home

Captivating fans worldwide, creating new home baristas. Join our team, Home ambassador 2022 World Barista Champion Anthony Douglas and other dedicated Home activities including the True Artisan Cafè.

Brewing on our Home machines:

Thursday (22/6)

Manhattan from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Magnifico with Olisipo from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

Hoppenworth from 10.00 am-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

Rocket Bean from 10.00 am-17.00 pm

The Modbar
The beautifully designed, modular undercounter brewing equipment system will also be present on our booth with dedicated activities each day including the True Artisan Cafè.
On the Espresso AV:

Thursday (22/6)

Il 5 Elemento from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Expat. Roasters from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

Fuglen from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Mixologist from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

Omsom from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

TAF from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

On the Pour-Over:

Thursday (22/6)

Pressco from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Il 5 Elemento from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Friday (23/6)

The Fix from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Olivo Coffee Culture from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Saturday (24/6)

Create from 10.00 am-13.15 pm

Hug & Punch from 13.15 pm-17.00 pm

Wally Coffee
Have you seen Wally Milk work its magic yet? This automatic milk steamer creates perfectly steamed milk (& all alternative options) every time.  Wally Milk will be showcased too and even better, Oatly is joining us with a Latte Art Throwdown.
The Officine Fratelli Bambi

Our artisans will be present, stop by for a chat and get a close-up look at catalogue and bespoke machines by the Officine Fratelli Bambi.



& What’s an expo without a little downtime with friends?

Join us for the La Marzocco Rooftop Party Powered by Beyond the Bean.

Be sure to register since space is limited!

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