Caro and Anita Gehrig (professional Enduro Racers) have made their passion a lifestyle. Uniting the challenging world of mountain biking with the world of coffee, they have been La Marzocco ambassadors for over five years.

Driven by a message of sustainability, they continue to be inspired by nature in their daily lives. La Marzocco followed them on adventures in Colombia, where they explored coffee plantations. We also celebrated their arrival at the Accademia del Caffè Espresso as they pedaled all the way from Switzerland.

We connected in New Zealand to Italy during their Coffee Sessions on the Linea Mini. Anita and Caro slang espresso shots to fellow friends and competitors during race days.  An amazing journey through 360-degree adventures in many continents.

Gehrig twins are the fastest twins in mountain biking, and we have been proud to journey with them. As they set to a new chapter, they’ve opened a haven for the bike community in Switzerland.

The Flem Lodge is a perfect place to spend a long weekend, welcoming mountain bikers, coffee lovers, and anyone who loves the fresh mountain air. The main lounge features a custom green KB90, brewing coffee roasted locally.

We wish them the best of luck and applaud their passionate career in Enduro!