“Re-Imparare,” the short film by La Marzocco recounting how Officine Fratelli Bambi marked the return to the height of artisanal tradition, earned an honorable mention at the 15th edition of the Sprudgie Awards.

The Sprudgie Awards rewards the best results achieved in the coffee sector across different categories every year: readers can cast their vote online, choosing among their favorite roasteries, cafés, products, books, packaging, and many more.

The “Best Coffee Video/Film” category was awarded first place to “Learn To Pour” by Aramse. Other finalists included: “Café es Lo Que Hacemos, El Retiro es Lo Que Somos” by Cafe Retiro, “Anaerobic Fermentation” by Cafe Imports“Nguyen Coffee Supply at The U.S. Barista Championship” by Nguyen Coffee Supply“The Road To Milan” by Wildly, “Jorge Mendez: From Coffee Picker to Coffee Farm Owner” by Mirror Coffee Roasters, “Oppenheimer Coffee” by Quek Shio. “Re-imparare” was awarded an honorable mention.

The short film’s narrative, produced by Alto Stories, is centered on a challenge: trying to regain one’s roots and traditions, re-imparando (re-learning) the tinsmithing techniques at the root of the entire La Marzocco history.

In “Re-Imparare,” we follow the journey of concept to realization of an espresso machine entirely hand-beaten- a first of its kind, realized in 2023 by the artisans working at Officine Fratelli Bambi: tinsmiths Lorenzo Carcasci, Lorenzo Santoni and Jody Pacini, created this aluminum espresso machine body with the supervision of Stefano Della Pietra, Head Designer of OFB, using the same techniques employed by La Marzocco’s founders Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi.

We thank our community for the support and congratulate the winner and fellow honorees.

Watch “Re-Imparare” now.