Since 2020, our branch in Germany have teamed up with RAD RACE, an independent cycling agency focused on shows & events, multimedia formats, retail and in-house publications, to power the cycling community with quality coffee experiences.

Rad Race La Marzocco

RAD RACE tries to combine the best of cycling culture bringing together friends, fun, style and passion – all over great coffee and bikes.

To kick-off with the collaboration, we fueled RAD RACE with a Linea Mini for one of their biggest happenings this year – “RAD RACE x RAD CAMP” – which took place in a beautiful mansion in Feltre, Northern Italy; this was where over 150 cyclists from all over Europe convened and went riding through the Alps and Dolomites. It was an incredible opportunity for RAD RACE to provide a “ride-like-a-pro-feeling“ to all participants as well as a professional, world-class coffee service.


We couldn’t be more happy to hear bikers begin their morning routine with delicious handmade espressos, flat whites and cappuccinos brewed on a Linea Mini, “the ideal choice for a simple-to-handle and highly performing machine”.