Toms Alsberg is a 10-time Red Bull Mini Drome champion and the World Record holder for the fastest lap on the Mini Drome.

He is absolutely addicted to fixed gear bikes and all his life has revolved around the single gear of the bikes he has ridden. In addition to this he is also the creator of the brand Tru Fix Kru and owns a shop called Brūklene (Bruklene), one of trendiest bike&coffee places in Riga.

About his cafe he says “it’s a very cozy and specific bike shop – we try to keep it more like a lifestyle cycling house, with coffee, beer and specific cool brands!”.

And guess what? What other espresso machine could he have in his cafe if not a Linea Mini?

Toms’ path from one of the smallest parish school in the Talsi district of the Latvian countryside to his first international competition was long and full of sacrifices. He says: “I have always believed that courage and determination are the key to success, something really great and exciting. But in my experience I want to add a third and perhaps the most important factor for me – the courage to believe in myself.”