For three decades, The Linea Classic has been a staple on some of the world’s finest coffee bars. We embarked on a wild three-week journey from Seattle to Florence to highlight its impact and celebrate the people who have worked behind it.

We met baristas, roasters, collectors, founders, and plenty more wonderful characters along the way. Many of them shared an espresso and their stories with us —every one of them was inspiring and different but all were connected by the iconic machine that sat on their bar. Shiny or weathered, the Linea Classic continues to live on as an integral part of the stories and lives of so many of us. We’re honored to be a part of your journey and hope to continue to be for many years to come.

Here’s to thirty more!

A special thanks to all involved!

Kent Bakke from La Marzocco, Mark Klebeck from Top Pot, Sergio García from Papa Chang, Blas Alfaro from Fulcrum, Bridgette Johnson from Central Cafe and Juice Bar, JoEllen Depakakibo from Pinhole Cafe, Andrew Barnet from Linea, The Crown Royal, Giulietta Carrelli  from Trouble Cafe,  Ian Walla from La Cabra, Hakim Sulaiman from Yeffa Cafe, Alex Thoman from La Marzocco, Sidar Ozgur from Beam Coffee, Daniel Thompson from Willow St, Wild Card, Mat Ruttle from Ruttle and Row, Hannah from Finks, Henk Langkempe from Espresso Service West, Morozzi Saverio from Bambi Bar,
Stefano Della Pietra, Lorenzo Santini, and Lorenzo Carcasci from Officine Fratelli Bambi/ La Marzocco.

Josh Littlefield, and Reagen Petrehn- film maker.