Host is right around the corner, and there is no such thing as a coffee expo without the True Artisan Café, an original La Marzocco creation. Where roasters from around the world come and brew coffee on our stand, allowing the public to experience diverse coffee and showcasing the quality and passion from the roasters present. This year we have slots, each will be brewing on the Leva or new GB5. Expect surprises, new creations, and a lot of fun. Best of all, talk to the baristas and roasters who developed your favorite coffees.

So who’s showcasing on the GB5?

Balck Coffee on Friday, the 22nd (9.30-14:00), Balck Coffee is from Kalmar, Sweden. A sustainable coffee roastery that works with sustainable coffee through transparency and quality.

Julius Meinl on Friday, the 22nd (14:00-18:30). Julius Meinl is one of the oldest coffee roasters in the world and an iconic Vienna coffee house brand. Dedication to quality has been a family trademark for five generations.

Hidden on Saturday, the 23rd (9:30-12:30). Hidden Coffee Roasters Barcelona is from Barcelona, Spain. Reflecting the effort made by their friends, the small producers in their company.

Meron on Saturday, the 23rd (12:30-15:30), from Transylvania, Romania. Their concept starts from the Greek word “Meron”, which means “days”. They want to give you the boost for an amazing day: amazing tasting notes, delightful company, and a quick reminder that life is about NOW, about THIS MOMENT.

Antonelli on Saturday, the 23rd (15:30-18:30) from Cremona, Italy. Founded by Andrea Antonelli, who also provides independent specialization and training in all sectors of the coffee industry.

Austrått Kaffebrenneri on Sunday, the 24th (9:30-12:30), from Sandnes, Norway. Founded in 2010, they placed as best Coffee Roasting 2020 & Coffee Roasting 2018.

Waco on Sunday, the 24th (12:30-15:30) from Coruña, Spain. Coffee driven by passion and the sea.

Belom on Sunday, the 24th (15:30-18:30), from Cremona, Italy. With three generations of roasters, the family-owned business prides itself on its historic Italian roast.

Nomonym on Monday, the 25th (9:30- 14:00) from Bucharest, Romania. Is just over a year old and prides itself our their local roast.

Ditta Artiganale on Monday, the 25th (14:00-18:30), from Florence, Italy. “Italy’s original specialty coffee company, roasted and brewed daily in Firenze”.

Roaster Kolektiva on Tuesday, the 26th (9.30-14:00), from Serres, Greece. Founded on the idea of ​​a group of people who, despite their diversity, are united by their passion for coffee.

Faro on Tuesday, the 26th (14:00-18:30), from  Rome, Italy. Pride themselves in teaching locals about great brew.

So who’s showcasing on the Leva?

TAF on Friday, the 22nd (9.30-14:00), from Athens, Greece. Their mission is to import high-quality green coffee through intensive research, to create and then to suggest to the Greek and global market unique taste profiles, thanks to our expertise and our long-term experience in production, exceeding customers’ expectations.

Etna on Friday, the 22nd (14:00-18:30), from Catania, Italy. Their mission is the return to ” high quality” that is not necessarily synonymous with high costs or products subject to temporary fashions, but high quality for everyday life marked by frenetic rhythms.

Fuglen on Saturday, the 23rd (9:30-12:30) from Olso, Norway. They also have locations in Asia and make great cocktails.

Mabo on Saturday, the 23rd (12:30-15:30) from Bucarest, Romania. Mabo is founded by Bogdan Georgescu.  He is a national champion and world vice-champion in roasting coffee.

Pacamara on Saturday, the 23rd (15:30-18:30) from Arezzo, Italy. Pacamara was born from the dream of 2 people, passionate about a product, who wanted to take part in the evolution towards a more fair and sustainable industry as well as sharing their passion with everyone around them.

La Cherry on Sunday, the 24th (9:30-12:30) from Barcelona, Spain. Roasting from two origins, Minas Gerais, Brasil, and Huila, Colombia all year round.

D612 on Sunday, the 24th (12:30-15:30) from Florence, Italy. Founded in 2016 out of the desire to select and roast coffees that they did not find on the market around them.

Filicori on Sunday, the 24th (15:30-18:30) from Bologna, Italy. Is over a century old, and supports the entire coffee supply chain, from the importation of the beans to the preparation of the expressed.

Morettino on Monday, the 25th (9:30- 14:00) from Sicily, Italy. Morettino is an artisan coffee processed according to our natural vocation for quality, in full respect of the product, the consumer, and the environment.

Cartapani on Monday, the 25th (14:00-18:30) from Brescia, Italy. Since 1951, each coffee source is toasted individually to enhance its characteristics and each bean is evaluated by family knowledge.

Uncommons on Tuesday, the 26th (9.30-14:00) from Amsterdam, Netherlands. They started their sustainable coffee roasting company Common Greens in 2018. As coffee roasters, they are always looking for exceptional beans all over the world, for producers with passion and a story to tell. 

Prolog on Tuesday, the 26th (14:00-18:30) from Copenhagen, Denmark. They take caring craftsmen on a constant chase for the next coffee high, and balance commitment and curiosity to get there.

See you at HOST! La Marzocco is in Hall/ Padiglione 15– Booth/Stand E49.