This year, La Marzocco has a lot of exciting products to share with you at our booth at SCA Expo 2024 in Chicago.

Taking place between April 12th-14th, we will be showcasing the True Artisan Café, Innovation Gallery on Tour, a 3D Product Catalog, Officine Fratelli Bambi, and a new connectivity project called Consenso.

True Artisan Café 

Back again is La Marzocco’s True Artisan Café, featuring our roaster partners from around the United States. This year, the True Artisan Café will be located inside our booth with two dueling café counters featuring a Strada S in contrasting colors. One counter will pay tribute to our host city by featuring roasters from around the Midwest, while the other counter will showcase roaster partners from around the rest of the country. You can follow along on the La Marzocco USA Instagram to learn which roasters will be featured and what times they will be scheduled for.

Innovation Gallery on Tour

After a whirlwind tour spanning both coasts, the Innovation Gallery on Tour will be making an appearance at SCA Expo 2024. Come by our booth to see the latest in espresso technology, including the incredible Swan, Strada X, the Sync System, the Pico grinder and redesigned Linea Mini, and a yet-to-be released La Marzocco product that is set to change the espresso industry as we know it.

3D Product Catalog

Get hands-on time with every product in the La Marzocco lineup with the 3D Product Catalog. Come with detailed questions for our team about any machine on the floor, and prepare for a one-on-one walk through of all the best features, including the straight-in portafilters of the KB90 and the newly updated Linea Classic S.

Officine Fratelli Bambi

Modeled after the original metalworking studio founded by the Bambi brothers, Office Fratelli Bambi is La Marzocco’s custom boutique espresso machine shop. Stop by our booth to see one of their latest creations, and learn more about what it takes to produce a truly unique centerpiece for your café.

Consenso and Connectivity

Based on the connectivity and Internet of Things work done in our R&D departments, Consenso is a revolutionary project that applies sensors to coffee plants on a farm in Tanzania in order to track live data to evaluate the impact climate change is having on arabica coffee.  This project is part of La Marzocco’s commitment to sustainability around the world and shows how new technology can help us understand different aspects of agronomy.

World Cup Tasting Championships Finals

Simone Zaccheddu, Coffee Specialist of the Accademia del Caffè Espresso and current Italian champion of Cup Tasting, will take part to the SCA Cup Tasting world finals during the event. Accademia del Caffè Espresso is La Marzocco’s cultural hub dedicated to coffee research and coffee culture.