We owe every single cup of aromatic coffee to the people at the countries of origin. The people who dedicate themselves to growing and fostering the coffee trees. The people who pick and process the berries and who finally send the beans on their long journeys to coffee lovers all around the world.

As they felt deeply inspired to honour these people, Probat, La Marzocco and the Hemro Group joint on a mission to promote the awareness about life and work at the origin of coffee through a collaboration on the Songwa Estates coffee farm in Tanzania. During the course of the past years, the partners have organized educational trips to the origin of coffee while dedicating resources to a number of projects on-site.

As a result, the overall farm management, the working conditions and not least the coffee beans’ quality have improved significantly and sustainably. The three partners are proud that coffee from Songwa has become a popular Single Estate Coffee and that is as such a proof of concept: wherever passionate people bring their expertise and ambitions together, great things happen.

The same is true for the many great things that happen all around Songwa Estates. During the course of 2021, the partners have sponsored the following three major projects to improve the everyday life of the local people: The team of Hemro Group, La Marzocco and Probat is looking forward to the upcoming projects at and around Songwa Estates with excitement. lf you are interested in learning more, getting engaged or in applying for an internship in Tanzania, please visit: www.songwa-estates.com