As the weather cools down in Kuwait and the outdoor activities blossom into life this November, we at La Marzocco made sure to keep the athletes of Kuwait’s triathlon “The Flying Start” fuelled and caffeinated…

Triathlon is a multi-sport race with three continuous endurance disciplines: Swim, cycle and Run. Flying Start Triathlon it is the oldest & biggest triathlon held in Kuwait, that was organized and managed by suffix events.

Starting off with the Swim Course in the beautiful sandy beaches of Al Kout at dawn, we kept them energized with the golden cup of espresso.

Followed by the Bike & Track course we cheered them across the finish line and gifted the participants with our special goodie bags’ of accessories and prizes.

After, a rewarding and thrilling event the families, friends and competitors gathered in the La Marzocco booth and made their own espresso’s and chilled americanos with the colorful Linea Mini line-up to celebrate an outstanding event!