La Marzocco has been certified by Great Place to Work – Italia as the 2nd Best Workplace for Blue Collar 2022, a ranking dedicated to Italian companies considered as an example of excellence for the quality of the work environment in the production department, awarded for its care and attention towards staff well-being and for the ongoing work aimed to create a strong sense of community and team spirit throughout the organization.

Amongst various programs, we’ve developed a Smart Factory in Scarperia based on the concept of “craftsmanship 4.0”. This digital support system allows each operator, equipped with a tablet, to exchange and receive data across the organization, associating a work of mainly manual assembly with process mapping and production cycle optimization.

“An award that makes us particularly proud and that we want to share as always with the entire La Marzocco team, who deserve the credit for constantly working to find the perfect harmony between business results and people’s well-being,” Guido Bernardinelli, CEO. “Despite our international success, we remain an artisan reality where people represent our most precious asset. “

Focused activities are also dedicated to the production department. For example, “Palestra dei Mestieri,” a pre-employment training course that teaches the mechanical assembly, production cycle, quality standards, corporate safety, and the company culture & history.