Coffee and cycling, doubles are served!


Sartoria Ciclistica and La Marzocco Home. Cycling and coffee. ‘Passion and sport’ or ‘sport and passion’; it all depends on your point of view. There are many threads that interweave and link these two brands. One would be hard pressed to find a cyclist who didn’t like coffee; it gives you that extra kick for those long rides alone or in a group. It’s also difficult to find cyclists who aren’t continuously on the hunt for quality technical clothing to give them that edge, races to ride, and rambles to take part in.


To respond to this need Sartoria Ciclistica shop, a hub dedicated to cycling gear in Como, first installed a Linea Mini coffee machine. This grew into a dedicated coffee corner that’s always open. They’ve recently added a vintage, La Marzocco-branded van with another coffee machine on board, so that they accompany their fellow enthusiasts on each kilometer of their ride.

Are you interested in knowing about our ever-increasing list of events for 2022? Here are just a few: Giro d’Italia “chase the pros”, Sunday rides “chase the van”, 1st international gravel event in Como, Giro di Lombardia, Pink Ride..

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We hope to see you all there!