Accademia del Caffè Espresso, La Marzocco’s cultural hub dedicated to coffee, is pleased to announce the newly signed agreement with ACEDE, Asociacion de Cafes Especiales de Ecuador. ACEDE was founded in 2007, to represent Ecuadorian coffee producers and enhance the recognition of national specialty coffees, with the ultimate goal of promoting the knowledge of Ecuadorian high quality coffees on an international level.

The history of coffee is pretty recent in Ecuador, where cocoa has always been one of the most important products. Today Ecuador’s coffee production consists for 60-70% of Arabica beans, grown and processed with different methods, from dry to wet processing to the new fermentation systems. In its more comprehensive mission of being an ambassador for high quality coffee and shrinking the distance between coffee origins and consumption, for Accademia the agreement with ACEDE helps spreading knowledge of Ecuadorian regional coffees.

This goal will be pursued through dedicated events and classes – online and offline – that will help fostering a more direct relationship between producers, on one side, and roasters and consumers, on the other.