Team Malizia promotes ocean science and environmental education worldwide whilst inspiring people of all ages. We aim to engage the coffee community around the globe to join The Ocean Race and create a platform of inspiration, exchange & progress.

Malizia is the sustainability platform founded in 2016 by Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi, founded on the three pillars of sailing, science, and education. Its objective is to raise awareness for the issue of climate change. Team Malizia rose to fame in 2019 when it sailed with climate activist Greta Thunberg to New York and gained even more notoriety in 2020 when lead skipper Boris Herrmann competed in the Vendee Globe 2020 whilst carrying the message “A Race We Must Win” on the sails of his race yacht with the UN SDG wheel prominently featured.

Besides taking part in high-level offshore ocean races, Team Malizia is running a well-established ecological kids’ education program – aimed at sensitizing children worldwide about ocean health and climate change. Additionally, during its sailing missions, Team Malizia is partnered with leading scientists in collecting valuable scientific data about the seawater levels of CO2 from the most remote parts of the world to help the community understand the impact of climate change on the ocean. All activities of Team Malizia – sportive, educational, and/or scientific – are driven by the objective of promoting its values, inter alia the principle of sustainability, the protection of the environment, in particular the oceans, and raising awareness for the climate crisis.

230108 – Alicante (Spain)- Team Malizia at The Ocean Race – Alicante stopover – Alicante © Jimmy Horel / Team Malizia

“with each coffee we serve, team malizia & la marzocco are raising awareness for the fragility of our planet and coffee as a natural product.” – Boris Herrmann.

“true artisanship is the exploration of the unknown, the attendance of taking risks, and the honest rethinking of our habits. Our company has learned decades from people sharing a passion for innovation and now we can make use of all our lessons for Team Malizia and A Race We Must Win.” – Guido Bernardinelli.

©Yann Riou – polaRSE / Malizia

Team Malizia & La Marzocco are now bringing together both the sailing & the coffee communities through global activities. We’re setting up a multiple-days-long True Artisan Café, along with talks and workshops at several top-level sailing events, such as The Ocean Race & The Vendée Globe, to raise awareness among coffee lovers around the globe. All proceeds will be donated to Team Malizia’s mangrove park. In initiative will be supported by local representatives of the hosting county, such as coffee roasters, green coffee traders, and baristas, as well as minor figures like oat milk & RB crafts.

For more information and the live tracking of the team during The Ocean Race, click here.