The Gehrig twins’ next adventure is here! Exploring the trails of La Thuile and giving us an inside look at their love of coffee and mountain biking. A thrilling stop in Italy, La Thuile has one of the highest peaks of the Alps in Europe, therefore a dreamland of trials for any mountain biker. This break-taking location was the perfect backdrop for La Marzocco and the Gehrig Twins at the Enduro World Series 2018.

Molini, Finale, Flims

Their passion for coffee started 10 years ago when they managed a coffee shop. Since the sport of Enduro has become their fulltime focus, every morning they savor the act of preparing coffee on a Linea Mini – taking them back to their roots as baristas; “I really think that coffee tastes even better like that, not just pushing a button but doing it on your own. As a barista La Marzocco machines are definitely the ones you really want to have.” Check out their ride and intimate moment at breakfast with this new video, and let’s continue to follow the twins through the 2018 Enduro Series, from the slopes to the roast.

Watch here La Thuile Race: