POLSPOTTEN, the playful interior design company, and La Marzocco created a collaboration that touched on a multi-sensory coffee experience.

Inspired by the first “La Marzocco” coffee machine designed in 1927 and characterized by its Polygonal body with 12 faces. POLSPOTTEN created two sets with four coffee cups representing both brands’ fun and artisanal nature. The cups, made from thick-walled ceramics with a bold, two-tone color design, feel smooth to the touch and add vibrancy to any space. The cups’ unique shape and texture are reminiscent of the vintage aesthetic of the original La Marzocco coffee machine.
Coffee enthusiasts can choose between  cappuccino or espresso cups, adding versatility to their experience.
“Coffee is more than just a beverage. It is a ritual, an opportunity to savor the moment, be it alone or shared. We wanted to enhance that experience by bringing a new level of playfulness and design to the table,” said Inge Schmitt, Creative Director at POLSPOTTEN. The design of the cups has been carefully crafted to elevate the multi-sensory coffee experience by engaging the sense of sight, touch, smell, and taste.
“La Marzocco and POLSPOTTEN are both high-quality, artisanal specialists in what they do,” said Tommaso Natale, marketing and communications manager at La Marzocco. “Our collaboration brings together our shared values of craftsmanship and design to create something truly unique and memorable.” The collaboration of POLSPOTTEN and La Marzocco creates the perfect pairing: a world-class coffee machine, and unique, visually striking coffee cups.
The coffee cups available for sale in the Benelux region at the POLSPOTTEN brand store in Amsterdam and online (espresso set / cappuccino set).