Florence, May 2021 – La Marzocco welcomes the Gehrig Twins at its historical factory turned into a coffee culture center, the Accademia Del Caffè Espresso, as they venture across Italy with their father Karl on a gravel bike and enjoy a self-supported camping trip through the beautiful Tuscan trails, valleys and mountains surrounding the company’s original production site.

In preparation for the Enduro World Series races taking place in Italy this summer and autumn, it seemed only fitting that athletes Anita and Caro Gehrig – longtime friends, fans and Home baristas – would pay a visit to the La Marzocco team near the hilltops of Fiesole, Florence after a 3-day trip on wheels, from the Swiss borders to Lake Garda, all the way down through Tuscany, to the Accademia Del Caffè Espresso.

Here is the place to experience sustainability and culture, tradition and innovation, and quality cycling, coffee and cooking time; all while exploring the beautiful spaces of the facility housing an interactive museum, a roasting and cupping lab, a traditional and modern café station, an interdisciplinary library and Greenhouse.

Stay tuned as this story of courage, celebration and shared lifestyle and passion for beans, wheels and relationship-building around the globe will be documented on the www.lamarzocco.com blog, future Coffee Encounters episodes & Instagram: @lamarzocco | @lamarzoccohome | @accademiadelcaffeespresso | @anitagehrig | @caro_gehrig

To view the full photo album of this incredible journey, visit https://bit.ly/3gYBkXK.