OLE is a simple cup of fresh coffee, a neatly wrapped package of good quality, ethically sourced beans and classic flavors, nothing more, nothing less. We understand that coffee is a big part of the social aspect of our lives, we function around it and socialize with it.

For that reason, we at OLE believe in being hospitable, friendly and sophisticated in our offerings. We are a specialty coffee with 12 coffee outlets scattered all over Kuwait, wherever the people are, we’re there to accommodate. Our products are delicious, accessible and perfect for everyone on the go.

With our Linea PB machine, we bring specialty coffee to the table around friends and family a stainless steel classic that is user friendly and gives the barista full control over the boiler temperature, brewing volume, hot water tap dose and much more. The Linea PB machine was the most suitable choice for OLE given its impeccable aesthetic and proven reliability, it compliments OLE very well.

If we could describe OLE, how would we do it?

OLE takes up a small space inside a convenient store, but we make sure to keep our customers coming back with our big personality. OLE is all about convenience, comfort and a carefree environment. We use the highest grade of Arabica beans from farms across the world to introduce the best beans to the local market. Our well trained staff are exuberant and lively, expressing the spirit of OLE to every visitor.

OLE is very much interconnected with the community. We’re on your way to work, a part of your morning routine and where your kids can enjoy their favorite hot coco.

We start from the inside out.

Our café is run by an incredible, well-trained and well-mannered team. Not loud, but conversational, not conventional but convenient, not tacky but sophisticated. You walk in and hear the machines clinking, the baristas chatting and the smell of our coffee lingering in the air. These small details are what complement our big classic flavors. OLE is not about the fuss or the intricacies of a fancy coffee experience, we focus on finessing and perfecting and presenting simplicity in every cup.


Being extremely integrated in our community brings us purpose, helps us grow together and sets a solid foundation for expanding both our palettes and goals. Our values revolve around holding on to what makes us grounded as humans and what makes want to reach for the stars. We have structured OLE to be an extension of the community in how the brand, as well as anyone representing it, acts and speaks. Respectful, fun and engaging and a whole lot of love are the secret ingredients we use to create our perfect cup.

OLE is on your way and never in your way.