The first Israeli exhibition showcasing coffee innovation will take place on 5-7 October 2021, at the renowned Ha-tachana (Old Railway Station).

Starting afternoon hours, the exhibition will be attended by the professional HO.RE.CA (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes) decision makers which will be invited to get to know, learn about and see for themselves the latest innovations in the local and international coffee scene.

After 18:00 the exhibition will open to all coffee lovers who, as in coffee fests worldwide, will get a chance to experience all the new, up-to-date, interesting and tasty features of the world of coffee.

Event times:

18:00-20:00: Industry folk

20:00-23:00: public coffee-lovers (tickets purchased)

The first ever dedicated coffee exhibition in Israel!

Finally, now in Israel too, there is a yearly event that concentrates all related innovations and trends, bringing together industry folk with their clientele (HO.RE.CA) while offering thousands of coffee-lovers to experience the 21st century world of coffee in all its splendor.