For the 2nd year in a row,  we are honored to be certified by Great Place to Work – Italia as the  Best Workplace for Blue Collar 2023. Ranking first place on the classification.

A ranking dedicated to Italian companies considered as an example of excellence for the quality of the work environment in the production department, awarded for its care and attention towards staff well-being and for the ongoing work aimed at creating a strong sense of community and team spirit throughout the organization.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Roberto Bianchi, details recent developments in the Production department:

“With the introduction of new production lines and the application of the “lean manufacturing” method for leaner and more efficient production, the company undertook an organizational change to rethink the spaces, the workstations, and the roles at the heart of production.”

“We introduced the role of team leader as a reference point to the operators.” The role was an internal career growth opportunity, fostering new skills with training courses focused on the product, the process, digital skills,  work, and team management skills. “The first contact point with the offices supporting the production.”

“They are involved right from the design of the product or the new line; for this reason, they are always up-to-date and aware of the company’s decisions and can have answers for the operators’ questions in addition to collecting their feedback and suggestions.

We are working to develop a culture of new working methods aimed at the continuous improvement of tools and processes, where operators are actively involved in the process of enhancing and diversifying their skills.”

“This is an award that we are especially pleased to receive and that recognizes the soundness of our strategy centered on the pursuit of industrial humanism, characterized by excellence in the quality of the relationships with people inside the workspace, as well as the production of handcrafted, made in Italy machines,” commented Guido Bernardinelli, CEO of La Marzocco, “As always, we want to share this award with the entire La Marzocco team, that deserves credit for constantly finding the perfect balance between the company’s results and the wellbeing  of its people.”