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Coffee encounters


Coffee Encounters is a series of episodes revolving around coffee,
presented by La Marzocco Home in collaboration with Accademia del caffè espresso
and published on our YouTube channel once a month.


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Coffee Encounters Ep.5
by La Marzocco Home

During the 5th episode you’ll discover more on the history of the Gs3 and what’s inside it. Also do you know who really invented the flat white? Our marketing managers from New Zealand and Australia will be discussing this and not only. If you want to learn all the tips and tricks for pressure profiling on a GS3 mp, keep watching.

Coffee Encounters Ep.4
by La Marzocco Home

During the 4th episode learn how to make a coffee liqueur out of used coffee grounds together with Sam from Discarded Spirits in London. Let us show you how the syphon coffee maker works with Nora and listen to an interview on coffee, cycling and community with Off The Streets supporting the youth and the urban cycling scene of London. Lastly and not only, join Dan as he reviews Michelin-starred chef and home barista, Alan Murchison’s latest recipe book.

Coffee Encounters Ep.3
by La Marzocco Home

During the 3rd episode let us show you a bit of the La Marzocco territory that has deep roots in craftsmanship; learn about different brew ratios with Leah from the US and put your latte art skills to the test with Nora; Are you eager to find out what’s inside a Linea Mini? This time we are going to show it to you.

Coffee Encounters Ep.2
by La Marzocco Home

During the 2nd episode let us guide you through the history of the first espresso machine ever made by Officine Fratelli Bambi; discover more on how to make beautiful latte art with Nora and learn the history behind one of the most popular italian cocktails (and how to make it obviously). Become an expert at recognizing what is the right water for your espresso machine and listen to an interesting interview on the early days of the PID, temperature stability, and how the espresso has evolved over the years with a man who’s name is shorthand for temperature measurement

Coffee Encounters Ep.1
by La Marzocco Home

During the 1st episode let us guide you through the history of how the Linea Mini was born and designed, discover some of the technology behind it; then let us entertain you by showing you how to create a basic Latte Art so you can impress your friends and loved ones. Get creative in the kitchen and learn a cocktail recipe made for you by a champion mixologist; As we got you to warm up in the first part, now get ready to get to know all the secrets behind different processing methods right before discovering some fun facts about the coffee plants in the greenhouse of Accademia. Last but not least, we will conclude with our literary corner releasing books tips for books lovers.