La Marzocco, leader in espresso machine innovation and design since 1927, introduces an update to its GB5 commercial model – first introduced in 2005 and named in honor of Giovanna Bambi (Wife of Piero Bambi) – combining elegant design and proven reliability.

*Photo credit: @abarlich

The launch of the next generation GB5 captures the spirit of the original design and unmatched temperature stability while modernizing the look of the machine and embodying the essence of product aesthetics and ergonomics. Echoing a timeless love story, La Marzocco reliability, and Florentine roots – pronounced by the historic Florentine Lilly on the corner panels – the GB5 comes in two new versions: GB5 X and GB5 S.


Both versions provide advanced accuracy and consistency – making for a better cup of coffee more simply. The GB5 has all the technology needed by demanding cafès, while carrying classical and gracious curves and lines, serving for the perfect centerpiece for any coffee bar around the world.

Pro-app compatible, highly performing, durable and appealing, the GB5 proprietary tech updates and stylistic workings include improved group visibility, Linea PB components, a 5-button interface, Auto Brew Ratio with Drip Prediction, an easy service steam valve, water sensor and 24V electronics for improved machine diagnostics. #gb5 @lamarzocco @accademiadelcaffeespresso

To view more of the official GB5 product launch videos, click HERE.