Pulling the perfect shot of espresso takes care and precision. We recently asked some of our friends to give us their best espresso tips and tricks to help you along your coffee journey. Discover some of our favourite suggestions and check out the full video below.


Let your coffee beans rest for 14 days from their roast date

Lisa Lawson – Dear Green Coffee Roasters

Lisa’s suggestion is to let your coffee beans rest for 14 days after their roasting date before using them to make coffee. Fresh coffee beans hold a lot of CO2 which can affect your espresso shot. When you grind your beans, this CO2 is released, which can lead to volatile acidity, a lack of sweetness and a sparkling water texture. Leaving your beans to rest for 14 days will help this CO2 to settle and your espresso recipe to dial in easily.

Use a good set of scales

Nathan Retzer – Quarter House Coffee

Nathan’s top tip is to invest in a good set of scales. An accurate and reliable set of scales will give you precision and confidence when measuring coffee grounds and extraction. Being aware of and experimenting with these measurements can also help you to track and recreate your favourite extract.

Adjust the grind size for perfect extraction

Scott James – Coaltown Coffee Roasters

Scott’s advice is to adjust your grind to ensure you’re getting your extraction right.  If your grind size is too fine, your espresso can choke up and the water will pass through too slowly. If it’s too coarse, the water will run through too fast and the shot will be too acidic and weak.

Work espresso into your steamed milk

Will Pitts – Forts Coffee

Will’s tip for creating milk coffees possible is to work your espresso whilst you pour in your milk. Swirling your espresso as the milk mixes in leads to a shiny and vibrant-looking milk drink.


Check out the full video below and elevate your home espresso game today: