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At the bar, the art of espresso mixes with another drink making craft. By combining our favorite caffeinated brew with spirits, we find new flavor dimensions to experience, in which espresso is an ingredient in our cocktails. Combining these two beloved ingredients can elevate your menu to new heights.

Bartender and Barista are two sides of the same coin, both hoping to achieve a memorable service. By observation, we can see that when an expert at their craft shows an interest in participating in our experience, how could it not be remarkable? Investigating what special drinks dazzle audiences we find ourselves drawn to tasting a few.

Learn to make an Espresso Martini, Caffe Shakerato and the Caffe Corretto.

the espresso martini

The espresso martini is appreciated as a worldwide classic and it can really spice up a night. Just as when we build any espresso drink, ratios are important, and this recipe is beautifully balanced!

Be sure to have fresh coffee beans on hand, as well as a batch of simple syrup.

  • Espresso, traditional or modern
  • 60mL vodka
  • 30mL coffee liqueur
  • 15mL raw cane sugar syrup

Start by pulling an espresso and then adding it to a shaker. From there, add your favorite vodka, coffee liqueur and raw cane sugar syrup. Add ice and shake well to create a light textured layer on top. Strain and pour into a chilled coupe glass.

Top with three espresso beans to finish and serve with a wish for health, happiness and wealth.

Recipe makes one cocktail.

the caffe shakerato

A refreshing iced espresso drink that can be enhanced with amaro and other components or enjoyed as a non-alcoholic, cold, twice shaken espresso. Pick and choose depending on the mood of the moment!

Be sure to have fresh oranges and coffee beans on hand, as well as a batch of simple syrup.

  • Espresso, traditional or modern
  • Orange bitters (optional)
  • 10mL raw cane sugar syrup (optional)
  • 30mL Amaro (optional)

Start by pulling an espresso and add it to a shaker. If a touch of sweetness is desired, add a bit of raw cane sugar syrup, or for an inventive twist, a dash of orange bitters. Bring in a delicious Amaro if you would like to make an alcoholic beverage. Shake with ice, discard the ice, and shake vigorously once more.

Finally pour into a small, chilled glass, garnish with a fresh orange peel and serve with style.

Recipe makes one cocktail.

the caffe corretto

And sometimes simple is just what you need to get through a cold day, and for that we have a drink pulled from the earlier days in Italian culture.

Be sure to have fresh coffee beans on hand and maybe a batch of baked treats.

  • Espresso, traditional or modern
  • Grappa
  • Biscotto (optional)

This drink comprises a well pulled espresso shot, expertly corrected with fine Grappa. The combination of these two shots will fire us up for whatever is next.

Plate with a small biscotto and serve with a wink.

Recipe makes one cocktail.

cin cin!

Every drink we set in front of someone will be received differently. We dance between many personalities throughout the service but the people on both sides of the bar are really looking for a satisfying experience. Beyond the skills needed to make any of the drinks we create, lies the true essence of hospitality—the connection forged with people as we interact with them and our chosen craft.



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