We’re so excited to be able to reveal our top 10 Barista Hero nominations for the North!!

We’ve received so many awe-inspiring nominations over the past few months and based on the sentiments and number of submissions, we’ve narrowed it down to the following top 10 baristas.

They’ve won the hearts of their communities and achieved incredible things but now it’s time for you to decide who is this amazing line-up is our Barista Hero and will take home the £1000 cash prize, the perfect pre-christmas treat. You can read all about our nominees and vote for your favourite using the link here. Four runners-up will also win a £100 cash prize each.

We will be announcing the winner on Thursday 2nd December at our La Marzocco Roadshow in Sheffield so get your votes in and spread the word!

In alphabetical order, here are our final 10:


David Stefanik from Kraft in Wakefield

He inspired me to get back in the coffee world after taking a pretty long pause, he s always kind to anyone and shares tips and tricks for latte art. You can’t go wrong with this guy, get him some milk and an object and he ll make latte art in it.”


Elle Bown from Whale Town Coffee in Sheffield 

“Not only is Elle an amazing service professional and barista along with being the current Northern Filter champion. But she is effortlessly stylish , happy to talk coffee with anyone. And always thinking outside the box when it comes to recipes and specials too , including a cold brew mocktail that not only taste’s amazing but has given money to an LGBTQ community charity too. She knows how to put together an amazing cafe playlist, as well as flower arrangement for the tables at whaletown too!”


Fraser Hodges from Albies in Sheffield

In such a tough year, his passion and enthusiam for the coffee community has really boosted the team and kept spirits high. He’s an inspiration who’s always willing to spend time with customers and staff and share his knowledge and energy with others.”


Jake Mullins from Kraft in Wakefield 

Jake helped open our Coffee shop in July 2020 and have tirelessly continued to work through all the restrictions thrown at us. Jake has served our customers young and old with the utmost professionalism. Like many Jake has had his own struggles through the pandemic but not once has he let us or his customers down.”


Joey Jackson in Manchester

I nominate Joey for barista hero for many reasons, he has always without a doubt made perfect coffee’s for me, he has helped me through a lot of mental and physical problems and has never backed down from a challenge, he has been through a lot more then anyone I know and he has always kept a positive mind under pressure and has always been 100% quality while working, Joey deserves the title of Batista hero not just in his work but outside of his work too”


Kieran Nar from Coffee at Mows in Sheffield 

Kieran works for me at Mows coffee and has been an absolute pleasure to work with, his passion for coffee and hospitality is clear and he honestly loves people , hechas been a great wingman at our young cafe helping me and I rest comfortably on my day off knowing he is running the show for me , he does all this alongside studying for a PhD.”


Leanne from Cafe 164 in Leeds 

Leanne is the lovelist Barista I have ever met, she greets you with a smile and instantly makes you feel welcome as you walk through the door. She’s passionate about learning more about coffee and improving her latte art game, taking time to join the many coffee festivals and local latte art throwdowns and network with other baristas. She inspires her colleagues to get involved and is an absolute joy and a definite worthy winner of BH”


Robyn from Albies in Sheffield

“Robyn is an overall incredible human being, welcoming everyone into her coffee shop with a smaile. She always has time to share her coffee knowledge and has created an incredible space in Sheffield. She’s so hard working and always puts her customers first”


Sam Gilmer from Coffee at Mows in Sheffield 

Sam consistently makes outstanding coffee, and sources a range of beans from farms and roasters all over the world. He kept us sane through lockdown through his service hatch, and he always recommends coffee tailored to what he knows I enjoy”


Steve O’Key from Trove in Manchester 

Steve is the absolute certified beverage king of south Manchester. Not only does he produce the most fantastic heart warming coffees known to man, he also is responsible for the most fantastic exciting seasonal drinks at trove. He loves wine, cordials, cocktails, and coffee, always incorporating the latter into his drink ideas. As well as his ‘espresso brandy Alexander’ making waves within the community, he also is a wonderful pillar of light in levenshulme. He is always there to offer a kind word, friendly face, and day-saving cappuccino. This man has time for everyone and will always give you his best. In summary- Steve is innovative, caring, intensely skilful, and cares about fantastic standards above anything else.”



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