“Re-imparare”, a short film that recounts the return of the highest artisanal tradition inside the Officine Fratelli Bambi.

Short film by Alto Stories

Through the words of Stefano Dello Pietra, Head Designer at La Marzocco and Officine Fratelli Bambni, and artisans Lorenzo Carcasi, Lorenzo Santoni, and Jody Pacini, the film narrates the challenges of retrieving their roots and traditions. Re-learning sheet metal beating techniques from which the history of La Marzocco began.

In 1927, Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi created the first La Marzocco espresso coffee machine inside their workshop. Both brothers were skilled sheet metal beaters, an art they had learned in their grandfather’s workshop and later applied to the production of espresso machines.

Since 2020, the artisans of Officine Fratelli Bambi have dedicated themselves to re-learning the sheet metal beating technique and have reconnected with our origins, bringing the art and craft of the company’s founders back to life.

In 2023, Officine Fratelli Bambi completed their first handmade machine. A machine that encapsulates our history and DNA and is a tribute to Italian craftsmanship characterized by technique, tradition, and passion. More than 30 years after, Bruno Bambi created the last espresso machine using the same technique.

At first glance, “Re-imparare” might seem like a story of building an incredible espresso coffee machine, but it’s much more. “Re-imparare” tells the challenge that the team of Officine Fratelli Bambi faces to fulfill a dream: reconnecting with their roots and reviving a tradition that will benefit future generations of artisans.

“Re-imparare” tells a story of passionate pursuit, courage, teamwork, and connection with raw materials. The artisan rediscovers their role as an artist and uses the magic of the past to create something unique.

The short film is now premiering on our YouTube channel.