It was an intense competition filled with exceptional talent and impressive coffee skills. Among the many talented baristas, Boram Um, representing Brazil, emerged as the World Barista Champion. A big round of applause for Boram Um for this incredible achievement!

Daniele Ricci secured second place from Italy. Third place was Jack Simpson from Australia, Isaiah Sheese from the United States claimed the fourth spot, while Dawn Chan from Hong Kong rounded up the top five. Patrick Rolf from Denmark deserves a special mention for making it to the finals.

World Cup Tasters Championship, the title went to Young Baek representing Australia. Congratulations to Young Baek for displaying exceptional palate and tasting abilities. Mandie Soengkono from Indonesia claimed the second position, followed by Andrii Vasyliev from Ukraine in third place. Oretis Sfiris from Greece showcased his talent by securing the fourth spot.

In the Cezve/Ibrik Championship, Pierre de Chanterac from France emerged as the champion. Cezara Cartes from Romania took second place, while Mariam Erin Pinza from the United Arab Emirates secured third place. Dimitris Karampas from Greece showcased his brewing skills and claimed the fourth spot.

Last but not least, Carlos Medina, representing Chile, won the World Brewers Cup Championship. Congratulations to Carlos Medina for his exceptional brewing techniques and dedication to his craft. Savina Giachgia from Greece claimed the second position, followed by Garam Victor Um from Brazil in third place. Luca Croce from the United Kingdom, George Peng from China, and Giacomo Vannelli from Italy deserve recognition for their outstanding performances.

The 2023 World Coffee Championships celebrated coffee craftsmanship and diverse talents from around the world. We congratulate all the winners and participants for their hard work, dedication, and contribution to the coffee industry.