Our guided have been guided with innovation and sustainability in mind. This doesn’t stop with the espresso machines, transcending into our assembly, packaging, culture, and facilities. In a year and a half project, we aimed to improve the previous Linea Mini packaging in terms of ease of assembly and performance in the “greenest” way possible. The Linea Mini is our notable professional home espresso machine that has won the hearts of many home baristas and beyond since 2015.

Coming to the final result was a challenge, efforts were combined with Jacopo Loppi in the Purchasing office, Stefano Chiari in Quality, and Paolo Lorenzi in R&D. The final packaging was subjected to rigorous field testing. Production of the final result initiated in early March. The packaging production team was pleased with the shorter time and ease of assembly. The Linea Mini packaging is now completely free of unrecyclable materials, apart from the light film attached to the Linea Mini protecting its paint from scratches.

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