Our continuous commitment to workplace well-being and corporate culture has resulted in the recent “Great Place To Work” certification obtained for the multinational group again for the year 2022/2023. Thanks to survey results collected from over 600 employees around the globe, La Marzocco has reached an overall Trust Index of 83%, an expression of high-quality standards in the organization’s dimensions of Reputation, Pride, Equity, Trust, and Camaraderie.

This past quarter, both our headquarters in Italy (which ranked 2nd Best Workplaces – Blue Collar last year, within the national manufacturing industry), as well as the branch network worldwide, have undergone a successful cultural audit and – in the case of offices with 10 or more people – have all been certified and recognized as exemplary places for professional and personal development.

The global Great Place To Work project involved not only our main headquarters and production site in Italy but also our facilities in Australia, China, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, UK & Ireland, UAE, USA.

Great Place to Work is an international agency dedicated to examining workplace culture and management support. They have accompanied La Marzocco throughout our ongoing endeavors to create an environment where members are empowered to become a motor of their company’s growth and an ambassador to the brand.