Our friends at La Marzocco Turkey joined Izmir Coffee Festival last month, May 27-29. Created by Dream Sales Machine the festival took place at the Historic Coal Factory in Izmir, Turkey.

The True Artisan Cafè included Baristocrat, Petra Coffee, Kronotrop Coffee, Coffee Department, Troika, Clinic Coffee Co, Fabriek, Sifne Vibes, Two Cups, and Fam Coffee. With great music spun on vinyl by DJ Abanoz.

La Marzocco Home offered workshops with the La Marzocco Kitchen by Just Roastery, Fam Coffee, Coffee Department, Kronotrop, and Petra Coffee.

The Regional Izmir Aeropress Championship also took place, congrats to the winner: Buse Su Uğuz. She will compete in the finals at Istanbul Coffee Festival.

Thank you to all who joined and took part in the organization, coffee talks, workshops, concerts, and dancing!