First introduced on commercial machines in 2016, the Pro Touch technology greatly improves the ergonomics of your Linea Mini.

Thanks to the Pro Touch Steam wand, also on the Linea Mini, you could just focus on practicing your latte art and pour world class cappuccinos, without having to carefully handle a hot piece of metal.
While steam wands on espresso machines are nothing new, our pro touch steam wand makes using the wand safer and easier than ever before.

Traditional wands become hot to the touch in a matter of seconds, and mishandled, can easily burn a barista. Most cool to the touch steam wands on the market rely on a thick teflon tube placed inside a metal wand, this combination is only moderately effective, with these wands still getting unpleasantly hot, and greatly restricts steam pressure. The pro touch wand uses innovative stainless steel double wall technology to ensure noheat is transferred to the exterior of the wand, while still retaining the performance of a traditional wand.