Delight yourself with a whole rounded cafè experience in your Home with the all new line of accessories by La Marzocco Home to complete your tool set like a pro home barista.
Discover some of the brand new accessories to use in the different phases: before the extraction, to prepare the beverages but mostly for cleaning and maintenance of your Linea Mini or GS3.


Improve  your  ground  coffee  distribution  with  this  La  Marzocco  Home  tool  inspired  by  professional  baristas  around the world. The angled facets ensure the density of  your  ground  coffee  is  not  localized,  and  thanks  to  stepped  adjustability,  the  leveler  will  improve  coffee  consistency.  The  leveler  is  available  in  two  finishes  to  match  your  style  and  complement  your  accessory  range.

Tamper Holder

The  La  Marzocco  Home  tamper  holder  is  made  of  walnut  wood  with  lion  personalization  engraved.  It  supports all 58mm La Marzocco tampers and is a great tool that helps you keeping your coffee station in order. This tool features an anti-slip base, so you don’t run risk of  damaging  your  tamper  and  rubber  internal  surface  avoid scratching the tamper’s base.

Shot glasses

The La  Marzocco  home  Shot  glass  set  are  made  with  high  quality  glass  in  the  neighborhood  of  Empoli,  the  Tuscan capital city of glass making, few kilometers away from Florence. Shot glasses are perfect for any coffee break but also as learning tools to monitor the extraction dose of your espresso thanks to the graduated scales in cl and oz. The set is composed of 6 shot glasses with the La Marzocco Home logo.


Made  in  high  quality  wood,  the  La  Marzocco  Home  brushes are perfect tools to keep your coffee machine and  coffee  station  clean  and  in  order.  The big  brush  can be used to clean the countertop for coffee powder residuals; the small brush is ideal to wipe the diffuser screen  and  group  gasket,  an  easy  operation  that  improves component longevity.


The La Marzocco Home knockbox features a handmade solid walnut wood casing and internal bumper in hard rubber. The wooden case features engraved La Marzocco Lion  and  ant  slip  base.  The knockbox  is  essential  for  keeping any kitchen, counter or coffee station clean and tidy.  Walnut wood  fits  any  environment  and  perfectly  matches the customization options of the Gs3.

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