Kaapi Machines, India’s leading coffee equipment company, partnered with La Marzocco in 2020. They continue to bring innovation to their community.

In the past months, they highlighted the strong specialty coffee community by creating a pop-up event across seven key cities- Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Kolkata. Generating a buzz across the theme of Origin Stories, they invited people from different coffee industry sectors to share experiences around their coffee journey.

The initiative was hosted under the umbrella of Kaapi Bean Collective by Kaapi Machines- with an aim in building conversations, knowledge & connections.

This included a throwdown among the baristas called “The Caffeine Wars”. Baristas from various cafes presented their signature beverage. Attendees tasted & selected the best signature drink among the presenters. The baristas got to showcase their skills among industry stalwarts.

Café founders and other industry experts also shared their origin stories in front of an exclusive audience under the theme ‘Extractions- Coffee People Stories.’ Kaapi Machines shared the entirety on their Instagram.

Kaapi Machines have always added value to the coffee industry chain, bringing specialty coffee equipment to the Indian market, building strong and valued partnerships, and supporting the Indian coffee industry.