HOT (House of Tramp), one of the most exclusive cutting-edge events in Italy in the luxury industry, took place this summer in one of the most beautiful villas on the Amalfi coast, located between a vast lemon grove and a cliff overlooking the magnificent Gulf of Salerno.


La Marzocco Home was sponsor of the event where important personalities from the world of fashion, cinema and starred chefs have met for two weeks in the name of relaxation and elegance. Immersed in the fresh salty air and the delicate scent of lemon trees, guests were able to participate in cooking lessons, live music concerts, tastings and many other activities all surrounded by the splendid Campania Riviera. La Marzocco Home has supplied one of its Linea Mini, an inevitable companion of happiness.


Le performance esclusive si sono susseguite per tutto il soggiorno alla Torre della Limonaia, forgiando amicizie e intrattenendo gli animi. Alla fine, tra una risata ed un caffè, l’evento è giunto a termine, lasciando esperienze indelebili e passione nel cuore.