Florence, feb. 28th 2021 – world record triathlete jan frodeno & la marzocco manufacture of finest espresso machines are joining forces. The result- a unique limited edition design. And this not just for triathletes!

He is the olympic champion of 2008, won the ironman world championships three times, the ironman 70.3 world championships twice and 2019 he set in Hawaii a new race record (7.51.13 h): the still active german legend is well known in and outside the sports community for his outstanding performances all over the world. But at the same time he is well known for his second passion beside sport: espresso. that’s why this was the logic step to a great and authentic partnership between Jan Frodeno and La Marzocco.

Question 1: What is your first memory of espresso/coffee? How did your parents use to drink coffee?

My first coffee was an affogato. Lots of ice, not much espresso. As a little boy I was always responsible for making coffee at home – standard filter coffee that sometimes stood for a few hours. A long way ahead…

Question 2: You travelled a lot thanks to your champs. Do you remember a special favourite café/roastery?  What makes it so special?

The best coffee memories are definitely from Australia. The culture there is a lot more specialised than here and the range of good coffee is bigger. My favourite coffee is probably Duke in Melbourne. A classic espresso bar with fantastic coffee and espresso.

Question 3: Born in Cologne, grew up in South Africa and live in Spain. What do you associate with home? What coffee drink do you make for yourself and your family?

At home I almost exclusively drink espresso or americano.

Question 4: Are the qualities of discipline, patience and analysis that you know from sports helpful in learning barista skills? To what extent is equipment important to you (both sports and coffee)?

I love the craft both in sport and coffee. Measuring is good and important but feeling often tells me more. And that’s how I usually prepare my espresso now – with a sense of proportion. That’s precisely why I enjoy the GS3 so much, because the pressure can be increased continuously, so it always requires a bit of intuition, and despite good consistency, there’s still something handwritten in every espresso.

Question 5: You’ve enjoyed competitions since you were young. Can you imagine taking part in barista championships?

I wouldn’t presume to. What I do in my sport, others do with coffees, and I like to watch and taste, but for me coffee will always be pure pleasure.

Question 6: What does Frodissimo stand for? Why did you choose this design for the machine?

Frodissimo is my way of life. Focused on the essentials, blue like a late summer afternoon by the sea, with the stone elements that stand for the landscape in Hawaii. Add to that the racing stripes that stand for sport and a touch of gold to always remember what it’s all about as an athlete ?

Question 7: Has the sport or triathlon changed in the last few years? Do you have different goals than before 2020?

Rather less. Personally, a lot has changed, but not much in the system. Of course, everything is a bit different at the moment because many races are cancelled, but the big goal is and remains Hawaii.

Question 8: When & where do you particularly enjoy training?

I don’t discriminate;) I’ve done great runs in the middle of Berlin on empty streets at 5am and great sunset runs in the vineyards around Cape Town. With a goal in mind (and a good espresso in my stomach), training is almost always fun, no matter when or where.