Coffee Encounters is a project deriving from a collaboration with the photographer and food blogger, Michael Gardenia, a passionate food and coffee geek, as well as an expert Home Barista.

The format includes a series of encounters held by Michael at different locations in Milan: a design studio, a bicycle shop, a florist, a barber shop … each of these locations share some characteristics: quality environments, fine products and/or services.

To open the month-long event at each location, a Home Barista course will be dedicated to journalists and influencers who will have the opportunity to use a Linea Mini firsthand and approach the world of coffee, thanks to a tasting journey. The Linea Mini will then be available to anyone who enters the store and is interested in preparing their own quality coffee.

The aim is to spread awareness, technique and the culture of coffee while making La Marzocco’s products and history known to new audiences.

The real protagonist at each event is the Linea Mini, which will accompany Mr. Gardenia at every Home Barista Training class, and which will be active until the next event, for over a period of six months.

The name “Coffee Encounters” was selected specifically to emphasize the pleasure of bringing different people together who, at the same time, are united by the pleasure of knowing more about the world of coffee, at fashionable and fine venues, ultimately proving to be a real sensory journey, a journey providing knowledge and awareness of one of the most popular yet least known beverages around the globe.