This year La Marzocco Home has decided to revisit and share some tips on how to be more aware at home to reduce waste and consumption.  We certainly know that many of these tips can be taken for granted but be certain that we all have a part in contributing in a positive way.


Here you may find a couple of examples:

#tip 1 Re-use coffee grounds

From soil fertilizer to insect repellent to odor neutralizer to body scrub, coffee grounds are a versatile and useful ingredient at home. Don’t waste them.


#tip 2 Reduce packaging

Waste and its packaging ends up in landfills and in our oceans, threatening marine life. Try to buy items with little or no packaging.


These sustainable living tips were thought as easy actions that we can all try to practice during the holidays when you know… everyone behaves, so why not taking full advantage and making an extra effort this year?!


Curious to know what the other tips are and check out all the other illustrations? Stay tuned on and follow us on the La Marzocco Home instagram channel where we will be posting one each Sunday until the end of January.