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Barista hero 2024

Barista hero 2024

La Marzocco’s Barista Hero competition celebrates the integral work that baristas do; highlighting the key part that baristas play in the coffee industry. We encourage you to nominate your favourite barista and share your most heartfelt nomination with us of why they should be shortlisted for Barista Hero 2024.

We believe it’s crucial to let your favourite barista know how important they are to you, and how important they are to the wider coffee industry. The hard work of the coffee growers, the coffee roasters and everyone in between meets it’s final showcase when put in the hands of the barista, and theirs are the last hands that the process touches before reaching the customer; representing a long line of hard working teams and individuals who all collectively work together to create the industry that we call home.

Furthermore, for so many customers, the ritual of popping into a local coffee shop for their morning flat white is so much more than just buying a really great coffee. Baristas create a community within the walls of their coffee shop, and keep the coffee industry alive through their passion, enthusiasm and hospitality that keeps customers coming back.

To give your favourite barista the chance to win a cash prize, and give them the acknowledgement they deserve, nominate them using the relevant button below. Please be sure to let your favourite barista know they’re being nominated, as you’ll need their permission to send us their email address. Once you’ve sent the nomination, we’ll let them know they’ve been nominated, and they’ll receive an invite to join our online barista hero community. If they’re shortlisted, we’ll reach out and contact them.

Nominate your Barista Hero and give them a chance to win:


1st – £1,000

2nd – £500

3rd – £250